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.Monday, March 21, 2011 ' 11:29 PM



























jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Wednesday, March 16, 2011 ' 12:06 AM

Much thoughts

Uncle say to mi or rather to someone who is impt to him 'why would u feel so guilty and sad over someone out there when he/she is happily out there living his/her own life and dun even bother bout u?? Is it worth it??'

Ya I have given much thoughts over wat happen and I juz dun believe all tis can still happen to mi.. We are no longer primary sch kids why are u still behaving like one?? To mi, communication is really e easiest way out..however sometime ppl juz wanted to make other ppl life miserable.. A lot of ppl told mi to give in n give a little more time..I tink otherwise..if u really cherish mi u shud juz open up ur heart n be truthful to mi, not keep everything to urself n avoid mi like I'm some kind of deadly virus.. It does no gd to any of us..I have tried and will try again, at e end of e day it is u who decide wat we will be like in future- friend or foe..

Watever it is I juz wan to say if u still willing to talk I'm still there waiting..if not...so be it..I won't drop a tear for tis again..no more!!


jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Thursday, January 27, 2011 ' 10:03 PM

Hereafter & shaolin

Watch hereafter last sat at nex..(first time there!!)I wonder if there's really things like psychic..it will be so cool yet freaky too..hmmm..ask mi if I wan to noe anyone with tt power I will say no..haha..too scary liao..but will be so interesting too..haha..e beginning of tis movie is quite boring, almost fall aslp le but towards e end is quite gd though..

Went to arcade after movie n lunch..so long since e last time I play with man le..she really save a lot when playing bishi bashi..haha..after tt went chomp chomp to have dinner!! My egg pudding..oh e way I see him eat is like super duper scary de..a bowl of rice with kang kong, carrot cake, dumplings noodle, hokkien mee..I pinch a bit of each oni lor..

At nite meet up with babes to celebrate zhao's bdae at mines cafe in e end I got a surprise coz dey celebrate mine together with her..haha..well got my fav gift- cash!! Ya fold into crane n yuan bao n flower..haha..e cash is super crumple after I unfold..haha..fun ppl will tink of fun things yea..

Today went to watch shaolin at bugis..muz watch!! I tot is suppose to be some boring show coz is like historic story..after I watch I find tt e story line is not like history de..watch it if u have some time & money to spare..

jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Sunday, January 02, 2011 ' 10:16 PM

Yogi bear & gulliver's travel & countdown

Woohoo..how's everyone new year?? I hope is a unforgettable n enjoyable one..

I almost forget e last countdown 'party' tat I last attend..so tis yr for Christmas though I would go for some countdown but I didn't go anywhere except to his hse n had our own countdown..haha..

New yr was fun went to marina square to watch yogi bear-I like bubu more than yogi coz bubu look so innocent..had our dinner n wat else..we walk here n there to decide where to watch e fireworks from(I tink we walk at least 10km, I tink la coz really walk a lot)..in e end we stick to our plan n go marina barrage.. Ken reach juz in time to countdown well not with us coz he was block..so there he is counting down by himself..wahaha..e fireworks is juz so pretty I nv get sick of watching them.. Oh ya from e place we were standing, we could actually see three places fireworks!! E main one of coz is e marina float there de..pretty pretty!!

Sat watch gulliver's travel..two days two movie..feel so broke for him..haha..dun care liao..is new yr so gotta enjoy ad much as we could rite..haha..

Chinese new year is juz around e corner..won't be having it in Singapore tis yr..which means my bdae will oso be in msia tis yr..hmmm..dunno how it will be like..

Arrgghhhh iPhone have bugs!! Alarm clock juz won't goes off..my dad so funny ask mi iPhone will have bugs de ar den I juz say ya juz now I catch a few le he say really ar den catch some show mi la..haha.. Pls rmb to morning call mi until e bugs is all being catch k..haha..

jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Thursday, December 09, 2010 ' 9:36 PM

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale & man's bdae

last weekend was soooo bz..

sat went out with man to celebrate her bdae at kallang leisure park.. long time since i last went.. haha.. is so different from my memory.. haha.. went to eat pasta as usual and play arcade!! i feel so old already play basketball one time my hand jiu already wan break le, play bashi bashi also feel so old not as fast as last time.. haha.. the only thing that we didnt fail is spot the different.. wahaha..
movie time--- Rapunzel so pretty with the long hair but when the hair got cut jiu not pretty le i like the lantern part.. if singapore also have i definitely going try it out..
after movie is another round of arcade- another round of hand breaking basketball and spot the different.. haha.. bowling after that is a nightmare.. there's no light ball le.. the lightest we find is 10pounds!! halfway through the first game i jiu wan give up le.. lucky we manage to get a 8pounds ball from another grp.. feel like we bullying those kids there.. haha..
dinner we went to japanese village.. ordering the food is so messy and we dunno wat we actually order so in e end think we order too much le.. haha.. but manage to clear most la.. tink the sushi there is not so nice though.. must try the shabu shabu nice leh.. and the jellyfish and fried tofu..

sun went to rider's cafe.. conclusion-- i will never go there eat again.. the food there is really disappointing.. but quite like the place.. anyway wat we do is juz a lot of chatting nia.. haha.. in e end need go off early and they continue to find their pony rides.. too bad they cant find any.. haha.. wat is e most happening things of the day?? chatting!!

jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Sunday, November 28, 2010 ' 9:03 PM

harry potter & course

went to the cathay to watch harry potter & the deathly hallows part 1 on last mon.. exciting and 'scary' got shock by a few times lor.. wahaha.. so funny la.. so wanna watch the part 2..

went to take handling difficult customer course last thur n fri at tanglin shopping centre. hardly find a course that is so interested de.. wish it were longer lor.. coz i really enjoy the whole course.. though i doubt it will really be useful in the future.. haha..

dec is the month where i will be spending a lot!! but as long as i enjoy tis last month of the year den it will be alright..

feel so tired now.. too many things in my mind now.. gotta get all things sorted out.. i not in the mood to blog now.. shall stop here (i noe is so random and brief but well really dun wan to continue le).. bye~

jay Chou fAnatic!!

.Friday, November 12, 2010 ' 8:23 AM

Halloween, paranormal activities, legends of the guardian: the owls

Waaaaaaa..overspent so much tis month..

Fri 29 oct went to celebrate Halloween with Zhao them all at the rabbit house(something like tt de)..tink tis is e first time celebrating it ba..e most enjoyable part of e day is when dey doing their make up..super funny de..haha..u shud see lloyd 'washing' his face with white powder!! Haha..but when we were at e place there isn't much fun though..so off we went to ben n Jerry for ice cream..yum yum..but after tt mi went home lo..

Sat 30 oct went to environment building to join my colleagues singing k..but is so weird coz I'm not too close to them..not long after mi Zhao Lloyd n min decide to go watch paranormal activities, looking for available seat is like hell coz we were running all ard juz for 4 seats..in e end we went to tamp watch 1145 de..dotx la..

Last fri went out with my mum since she say she wan buy things guess wat I buy even more things than her lo..heart pain ar..

Den sat went out with man her cousin n ken..watch legends of guardian a bit boring but manage to stay awake..haha..n went to eat sushi tei..super full de..

Haiz finally fri again le..faster end ba today!! Jia you for another day..

jay Chou fAnatic!!


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